The Community Delegation to the Stop TB Partnership Board  was formed in 2019 in an effort to improve communication and engagement, strengthen accountability and enhance institutional memory of the TB Affected Communities constituency. The Delegation is made of up to forty members coming from the TB Affected Communities Constituency, and is committed to achieving geographic and gender balance, as well as balanced representation of key and vulnerable groups. Within the Delegation, a Leadership Team is formed to manage the Delegation and to effectively communicate with and represent the broader constituency.

Deadly Divide 2023

The Community and NGO Delegations to the Board of Stop TB Partnership is proud to share the full Deadly Divide 2.0 Report, called  The Accountability Report of TB-affected Communities & Civil Society: Priorities to Close the Deadly Divide

TB33% Campaign

TB33% Campaign is one of the Community Delegation’s flagship projects, carried out together with the Developing Country NGO DelegationTBPEOPLE Global, African Coalition against TB and other partners.



Global Plan to End of TB (2023-2030)

TB and You