The Delegation was established in accordance with the Board Decision Point 31-8 (31st Board meeting, January 2019):

“5. The Board endorses the initiative of the TB-affected Communities and Developing Country NGO constituencies to establish delegations with the aim to improve communication and engagement, strengthen accountability and enhance institutional memory of the constituencies. The Board requests the Secretariat and calls for the partners to explore ways to provide support to the delegation building process.”

By the 32nd Board meeting in December 2019, the Delegation was formed and included 17 members representing TB affected communities.

Not being a legal entity, the Delegation relies on its host to support its operations. In March 2020, the Delegation signed a Memorandum of Undrstanding with TBpeople Global , which outlines principles of collaboration.

In August 2021, the Delegation managed elections of new Community Representatives to the Stop TB Partnership Board. Both outgoing Board members remained part of the Delegation, and one of them, Timur Abdullaev, was approved by the Delegation as the Constituency Focal Point.

In September 2021, the Delegation held its first strategic planning meeting with a goal to develop its strategic framework and governance systems. Discussion and agreements made during the meeting are now informing the development of the Delegation’s Strategic Framework and Delegation Manual.