Our Strategic Framework


A world free of tuberculosis


Empower TB affected communities for equitable TB responses

Core principles


Diversity and inclusivity


Lives and rights of people affected by TB are top priority



Strategic priorities and sub-priorities:

Strategic Priority 1: Mobilization, empowerment and engagement of TB-affected communities

Sub-Priority 1A: Develop and build the leadership and capacity of TB-affected communities

Sub-Priority 1B: Nurture networks and build partnerships through the spirit of collaboration and unity

Sub-Priority 1C: Strengthen and increase advocacy by TB-affected community, including through multi-stakeholders communication

Sub-Priority 1D: Continuously strengthen the voice, capacity, governance and accountability of the Delegation


Strategic Area 2: Promotion and integration of Community, Rights and Gender in global TB response

Sub-Priority 2A: Promote the Community, Rights and Gender approach as a fundamental pillar of TB response

Sub-Priority 2B: Support people-centered, rights-based, gender transformative and accountable TB response

Sub-Priority 2C: Promote meaningful engagement of TB affected communities in all aspects of TB response

Sub-Priority 2D: Address TB-related stigma and discrimination


Strategic Area 3: Increased and diversified funding for TB

Sub-Priority 3A: Advocate for equitable funding for TB to close the TB funding gap

Sub-Priority 3B: Prioritize investments into Community, Rights and Gender initiatives

Sub-Priority 3C: Increase access to funding for community groups at all levels, especially at the grassroots/activist level

Sub-Priority 3D: Address well-being and catastrophic costs by ensuring Universal Health Coverage and promoting action on pandemic preparedness